Small houses come with a host of benefits. They are generally less expensive than most houses, and create a lower carbon footprint. They are also easier to keep clean and maintain, taking up less of your energy. These benefits make micro housing the trend they are today. However, with these advantages come the fact that making space for all you need in a small home is hard. To start with, how do you make space in your living room to entertain guests, and also give your family comfortable downtime, without letting the lack of space become a hassle? Use these design tips to make the most of your living space:


    1. Keep it simple:

    The best way to style a small living space is to cut down on the number of items used. Embrace a more minimalistic approach and keep it simple. This way, you can also ensure that the pieces you do choose to keep are simple yet impactful. Furniture pieces with clean lines and streamlined designs are preferred, but not necessary.

    1. Let there be light:

    Look into ways to maximise natural light in your living room. Natural light not only helps your space feel larger, but also lends a warm and welcoming feel to the space. This allows you and your guests to feel more easily relaxed within the space. Ample natural light also allows you to add in houseplants, which is a great decor option for small spaces.

    1. Colors and Materials:

    The colors and materials you choose play a significant role in how big your living room appears. Look for lighter colors and materials to allow more light to reflect throughout the space. Neutrals are a great choice for small spaces, as they also go well with an array of designs. Add depth to your space using textures. This can be as simple as adding a macrame piece or a knit throw. However, ensure that you aren’t mixing too many colors or textures, as it can make the space appear crowded. Just as with the furniture, keep the colors and materials simpler for the best effect.

    1. Scale matters:

    In a smaller space, the scale of the objects used matters more. An oversized sofa in a small living room makes the rest of the pieces look smaller, and also make the space cramped. Look into the scale of the pieces you use, with regard to each other and the overall space.

    1. Keep it clean:

    Keeping the space uncluttered and clean makes it appear much more spacious, and creates a welcoming abode for you and your guests. Look into hidden storage options to help keep clutter away and create an inviting space.

August 24, 2021 — Lifestylesteel Admin