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Thank you for shopping with us! The following Warranty Information applies to all websites owned and operated by Lifestyle Steel including but not limited to the following:

At Lifestyle Steel, we take pride in leading the market and our lifetime replacement warranty introduced in October 2020 which offers the best peace of mind available as a standard today. It reflects the confidence we have in our products and the benefit of years of experience crafting premier steel products for our customers.

a. Warranty Duration
The warranty period applies from the date of order for a lifetime. 

b. Warranty Conditions
The above warranty applies when the following conditions are met:

  • Ambient temperature never went below -7 c or exceeded 40c
  • Original receipt with proof of purchase is provided. 
  • Decor piece was never dropped or damaged during assembly. 
  • Decor piece was never altered from original manufacturing state. 
  • Warranty not applicable on sale or discounted items.
  • Decor piece is coated with Rustoleum or another rust protectant every 30 days if in high salt content areas.
Lifetime Steel cannot assume responsibility for the misuse or misapplication of its products. 

The warranty does not cover: 

  • Customer modification or abuse. 
  • Shipping damage or other accident.
  • Repair, modifications or service by unauthorised personnel.
  • Use of product other than its designed purpose.
  • Negligence in protecting the steel frame by using coating to protect the piece from elements such as rust. 
  • Damage caused to the product from improper mounting, hanging or adjustments. 
Lifestyle Steel must be notified no later than (fourteen) 14 days from when the buyer became aware of any defect or such occurrence taking place. The warranty covers a full replacement of your initial order/product. The customer will be responsible for any freight charges to send the product back to us. After a full inspection and review, if granted, the customer will be sent a replacement of their piece under our warranty guidelines. 


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our warranty, please contact us via

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