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Flora Family Monogram Flora Family Monogram
45cm 60cm 75cm 90cm
45cm 60cm 75cm 90cm
Each monogram is personalised with your family name and includes subtle yet elegant details, transforming it into a true stand-out piece that will be admired by anyone. It’s a great conversation piece and can act as a daily reminder of the love and deep bond shared between you and your family – no matter the distance or time spent apart.

Ned Kelly Firepit: 750mmx400mmx450mm

We can create your very own custom fire pit for any occasion or function. We specialise in creating the most eye catching decorative pits on the market and will go above and beyond to make your ideas come to life in flames.


  • Dimensions – 750mmx400mmx450mm
  • Material – 3mm Raw Mild Steel (Product will naturally rust overtime)
  • Weight – Approx 25kgs
  • Life Expectancy – Between 6 to 10 years (Longer if kept out of the weather)
  • All Pits come with holes to suit either brand of Rotisserie (Auspit or Gasmate)
Garden Teardrop Planter & Sculpture Garden Teardrop Planter & Sculpture
Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Small Medium Large Extra Large

      With swooping curves and clean lines, this garden sculpture adds a stylish touch to your outdoor space. Display as a stand-alone art piece or use as a planter! Crafted from naturally rusted steel and sealed against the elements, our teardrop sculpture will be an extremely durable centerpiece of your design for years to come. Available in 4 sizes to suit your design requirements.


    • Extra Large is approx 1100 x 1700 high
    • Large is approx 1100 x 1400 high
    • Medium is approx 800 x 1150 high
    • Small is approx 600  x 800 high


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