Autumn Decorative Screen


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Custom sizes & finishes available - Just ask!

    We can provide upgrades in material & finishes including stainless steel, alloy and powder coated to any Dulux colour.

    We love assisting our customers to enhance their interior and outdoor spaces with beautiful decorative screens. We design a large range from traditional to contemporary as we endeavour to cater for various tastes and style requirements. Our design range is always being refreshed with new designs, but we can also help with custom designs.

    Our decorative panels can be used for fence and gate infills, decorative dividers, privacy or BBQ screens, deck areas, internal feature walls and many, many more applications. The new Corten (rust look) panels are also very popular and look great in garden and outdoor areas, but we can produce your screens in any powdercoated colour.

    Pricing is for a stand-alone panel. All screens are flat with an approximate 25mm border all around for mounting/edge strength. We can also add edge folding and additional mounting frames to strengthen the panel for alternative mounting options such as spanning a gap in fencing or self standing in your garden to create a beautiful feature with clean lines.


    • Zincanneal
    • Corten
    • Alloy
    • Stainless

    • Zincanneal is steel with a zinc coating. This stops the steel from rusting. If a custom wants just raw steel, we sell them zincanneal. Even when steel is powder coated or painted, moisture gets through and will eventually rust steel even if it is powder coated or painted. For this reason we use zincanneal.
    • Corten is used in outdoor areas and will naturally rust. If corten is placed over something like flooring, outdoor tiles, concrete etc… it will drip rust and stain the floor. In this scenario we recommend pre rusting and sealing. This will give a rusted look, but will be sealed so no further corrosion or rust staining will occur.
    • Aluminium is sometimes specified to save weight, or because they want it left raw for the aluminium look. Aluminium is also good for powder coating and painting. Aluminium is a good choice for outdoor use and I would generally recommend this over steel/zincanneal.
    • Stainless steel would be used only if they wanted a stainless finish. It would be pointless to ever powder coat or paint stainless. It will always be left untreated - however stainless steel always requires polishing after cutting.